Date               :   14th July 2017 (Friday)

Time              :   2.00 pm

Venue           :    Ixora Hotel, Seberang Perai.

Chairman     :    Haji Mustaffa Bin Mohd Yan

1) Speech by Deputy President 


1.1 The Deputy President, Hj. Mustaffa welcomed all delegated to the 17 th Management Committee Meeting together with our visitor Mr Tai Kwang Yit and Mr Tai Kwang Sheng from STG Southernpak Enterprise Sdn Bhd, Mr Lim from Pinang Plastic Sdn Bhd, Mr Ong from Hong Yang Timber Sdn Bhd, Ms Carmen from IK Panel Sdn Bhd, Mr Keith Koh from Vintage Pack Sdn Bhd and new member, Ms Scyome Ho from BE Packaging and Logistics Sdn Bhd. 


2) Confirmation Minute of 16th Committee Management Meeting 2.1 Mr Saw have proposed minute of the 16th Committee Management Meeting and seconded by Belinda Chin . 


3) Update 2nd Annual Dinner MPA 

3.1 The 2nd Annual Dinner will be held at Ixora Hotel Ballroom on 7th October 2017, Saturday from 6pm to 10.30pm. We invited Dato’ Dr Jalaluddin Harun, Director General of MTIB to become our Guest Of Honor and Dato’ Hj. Mohd Rashid Bin Hasnon, Deputy Chief Minister 1, State Government of Penang, to be our special guest for the dinner. 


3.2 Our working committee members decide to offer donation not exceeding RM 2,000.00 for the Down Syndrome Society and one dinner table. They are invited to present talent show during dinner. 


3.3 Organizing Chairman Vincent Ooi encourage all members to give full support for the upcoming dinner by buying seat or table and sponsorship which are already stated in the mail sent by secretary of MPA. 


4. Proposed Date for next Committee Management Meeting 

4.1 On the 8 th September 2017, we shall pay an official visit to Dato’ Dr Jalaluddin Harun (MPA’s Advisor) at PGRM, Cheras. All the new term committee members (2017-2018) are compulsory to attend the 18th Management Committee Meeting to be held on the same day. 


5) Adjournment 

5.1) The meeting adjourned at 3.15 PM. 


Deputy Chairman 

Haji Mustaffa B. Mohd Yan


Date               :   12thOctober 2016 (wednesday)

Time              :   2.00 pm

Venue           :    Taik Sin Meeting Room, Pendamaran,Klang.

Chairman     :    Richard Tan

Delegates      :    As in Attendance List (Annex 1)

1)      Speech by President

             1.1       The President, Richard Tan welcomed all delegated to the 13th Management Committee Meeting.

           1.2       The President thanked to All committees members, associate members and members to support him to become the new President of MPA (2016-2017).

2)      Agenda Need To Discuss

2.1  Need to form a sub committee in a group to handle/organize the 2nd MPA Annual Dinner in  KL/Selangor which we suggest CC Cheah to lead the sub committee.

2.2  The date we suggest purposely in May 2016, the exactly date not confirm yet.

2.3   The membership fees should be collect / paid from 01 Jan – 31 June every year.   But the tolerance time to pay the membership fees is only due date to 31 July each year. Then after the 31 July, the Secretary will send the final notice and final call for that members last reminder or in case the member want to resign membership.

For the new member or new associate member if joining after 31 June each also consider need to pay full amount of membership fees.

If the new member or new associate member incidentally need to join our association, but is fall on within 01 November to 31 October each year, he/she are automatically is pay for the next new year term.

2.4   President said we need have quarterly committee meeting, the date suggested  as below:

A) 25/11/16 Friday

B) 17/2/17 Friday, CNY is 28-29/1/17

C) 19/5/17 Friday

D) 18/8/17 Friday

2.5    President said every time the committee meeting should be at 2pm afternoon, venue will be currently base on Taik Sin Timber Industry Meeting Room, and the duration time for each committee meeting should be done within 2 hour. 

2.6   In case the president unable to help the committee meeting for the said date, Deputy President will chair the committee meeting as well.

2.7   In the event or seminar activities, the non member or non associate member are need to pay the ticket entrance/fees, while the members and associate members are Free Of Charge. But we can ask members or non members to sponsor some foods and tipis, souvenir etc  for the seminar activities.

2.8 Haji Mustaffa, Deputy President said team work among committee members, associate members and members are very important to make our association to grow bigger and bigger. It is also important to build up the reputation in Malaysia even oversea like Korea, Japan And Philipine.

2.9  President highlight again the important functions of the MPA, on how we going to emphasize the purpose for joining MPA, networking, cooperation, or regulate some rules within private corporation-government bodies, then this must learn from other pallet association in other countries as well.

3)      Adjournment

3.1  There is no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 4.00 PM.



Richard Tan



Annex 1







Jeffrey Goh

Taik Sin Timber Industry Sdn Bhd


Vincent Ooi

Palleture Wood Resources


Alvin Chuah

Mah Sing Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd


Kishore Kumar

PalletPro Marketing Sdn Bhd


Chow Kien Yu

See Hau Global Sdn Bhd


Allan Lim

Kaizen Transpack Services


Hj. Mustaffa

Champform Sdn Bhd


Loong Kam Shing

Up Rate Timber Industries Sdn Bhd


Mohd Razeef

Radiant Heat Treatment Services Sdn Bhd


Vincent Boo

Palbox Industrial Supply


Richard SH Tan

Finopeous Packaging Industries Sdn Bhd


John Lim

Lim Ket Leng Timber Sdn Bhd


Koey Chin Leong

Enapak Sdn Bhd




MTIB - Audit Implementation for Registration of Certified Timber Suppliers and Treater (CST)

Dear Members,
Please be informed that CIDB has recognized the Schedule 4 under the amended act 520 (Revision 2011).  Under this recognition, all products categorized under Schedule 4 must have Standard Compliance Certificate before using them at construction sites. One of the products that has been included under Schedule 4 is Prefabricated Timber Roof Trusses Systems that uses Standards reference of CIS 5 (Construction Industry Standard 5:  Quality Assurance Prefabricated Timber Truss Systems.
With reference to the discussion between MTIB with CIDB, it was agreed that the list of Certified Timber Suppliers and Treaters scheme be used at the meantime to ensure quality of timber roof trusses supplied by suppliers and competent wood preservations after going through the audit process by MTIB. Once MTIB is ready with the certification for timber roof trusses, implementation of Schedule 4 will be enforced fully as required by CIS 5.
In line with this, all interested manufacturers for supplying timber roof trusses have to be audited in advance based on CST.  This audit will be implemented on new interested manufacturers.  Existing manufacturers can also apply for re-audit if they are still interested to supply timber roof trusses.
Attached herewith please find the copy of letter from MTIB, for your kind reference.