Date : 1st March 2019 (Friday)

Time : 4.30 pm to 6.30pm

Venue : 1, Persiaran Bukit Jawi 1, Bukit Jawi Golf Villa, Sg. Jawi

Chairman : Richard Tan Swee Heng

Delegates : As in Attendance List (Annex 1)

1) Speech by President

1.1 President Richard Tan welcomed all delegated to the 23rd Management Committee

Meeting. He thanks to all the committee and members on their commitment for being

present in this meeting at our member Mr Chang’s Bungalow at Sg. Jawi.

1.2 President welcome three members join MPA which are Mr Yii from GS Systems Sdn

Bhd, Vincent Yeoh from PM Trucks Sdn Bhd and Linda Tang from SP Wood Industries

Sdn Bhd.

2) Confirmation Minute of 22nd Committee Management Meeting

2.1 Proposed by Richard Tan and was seconded by Mr Saw.

3) 2019 Annual Dinner Committee Members And Arrangement

3.1 Annual dinner to be held in Ipoh, Perak. Committee members propose Mr Loong to be

the Organizing Chairman, and 10 committee members are Vincent Ooi, Mr Saw, Mr Ng ES,

Koay Chen Hao, Roy Teoh, PL Cheah, Nicholas Cheah, Jeffery Goh, Eric Ng and Richard

Tan . The propose Restaurant is Unique Seafood Restaurant in Bercham, Ipoh, Perak. The

date and related matter of the dinner will be discussed by the Annual Dinner committee

members. More information will be announced soon.4) Membership fee to be increase by 10% from year 2020

4.1 President suggested that the annual membership fee to be increased by 10% next year

2020. Majority of committee members unanimously agreed with the proposal.

5) MPA sponsorship for Business Mission Trip - Setting up the minimum tenure to enjoy

the benefit

5.1 Vincent Ooi suggested that in order to enjoy the sponsorship benefit; the member must

has minimum of 2 years tenure.

Member with 2 years tenure will be eligible for 50% subsidy from the association.

Member who join above 3 years will eligible for 100% subsidy from association.

And if the members join less than 2 years, they can join the business trip, but with no

subsidy from association.

6) Korea KPCA and Malaysia MPA Signing MOU at Hotel Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur

on 14/3/2019, Thursday.

6.1 MPA is invited by Korea KPCA to sign this MOU for the first time in the history with

the purpose of working together for Returnable System Project within Asia countries APSF

members. All members are welcome to join the signing ceremony.

7) MTIB-JPSM –Putrajaya Officer Update on Landscape timber, dated 16/1/2019 at

MTIB office, First Meeting. Second Meeting on 22/2/2019 at Putrajaya Office.

7.1 Richard Tan has proposed that the meeting should be put on hold since majority

members did not see any benefit of it.

8) How To Improve Efficiency In The Pallet Production And Capacity Among MPA


8.1) Richard Tan has shared with members and remind all must be well prepared for

Industrial 4.0 which cover Digital Computerized System, Automation and Lead

Management. For more understanding of Industrial 4.0, members can check online or go to


9) Income and Expenditure Statement For The Month of January 2019

9.1 Vincent announce the closing balance for this month and cash at Bank is RM126,049.43


10) Other Matters

10.1 Ng ES comment on the shortage of timber causing the timber price increase is the main

issues to all pallet makers.10.2 Linda Tang said he company are using wood waste for their Heat Treatment and KD


10.3 The coming MPA AGM will held on 21/6/2019, Friday in Klang Valley.

11) Adjournment

11.1) The meeting adjourned at 6.30 PM.


Richard Tan Swee Heng


Full Report: 2019_Minutes_Of_23rd_MCM.pdf